Hearings Before Social Security Administrative Law Judges

The Social Security Administration almost seems to discourage disability claims. The paperwork is daunting. A decision takes months and months. The approval rate is low. The process is stressful.

If there is a bright spot in the gloomy statistics, it is the disability hearing. Individuals who ask for a hearing after their claim is denied have a very good chance of winning benefits at the hearing level. The likelihood of success is even higher if you hire the right law firm.

At Disability Benefits Law Center, P.C., our experienced lawyers have a 90-percent success rate in securing Social Security Disability benefits through claims, hearings and appeals. We have helped thousands of clients in the Philadelphia Metro area and surrounding counties of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

We Handle ALJ Hearings in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

SSD applicants have about a 40 percent chance of approval on the initial application. However, a high percentage of people who endure the long wait for a hearing are eventually awarded benefits. Realistically, the ALJ hearing may be your best shot. Don't give up too soon if your claim has been denied.

It typically takes a year or more just to get a hearing date. The backlog and the chances of success depend somewhat on where your case is heard. Approval rates vary in different areas of the state, and from judge to judge.

Making the Most of Your Opportunity

You can't pick your judge — but you can choose your law firm. As local lawyers with nearly 65 years of combined experience, our attorneys know the particular judge assigned to your case. From hundreds of hearings, we are familiar with each judge's tendencies regarding medical records, claimant testimony, expert opinions and various categories of impairments. These insights are invaluable in building the strongest case, preparing clients for hearings and anticipating appeals.

At Disability Benefits Law Center, P.C., you will work directly with a veteran attorney. Your case is not handed off to a paralegal or unlicensed "advocate." We keep in touch with clients to ensure they are in continuing treatment and that their medical impairments are being properly documented. Our lawyers will sit down with each client several days before their hearing to thoroughly prepare them for the questions that the judge will likely ask.

The administrative law judge hearing can be intimidating. An attorney of our firm will accompany you to offer support and legal advice as you tell your story, to cross-examine the SSA's medical and vocational experts, and to raise issues on the record for possible appeal. At every stage, we work hard to turn the odds in your favor.

Don't Take No for an Answer. Hire a Lawyer Who Wins ALJ Hearings.

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