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To qualify you as being "disabled" for purposes of obtaining Social Security benefits, your illness must prevent you from performing "substantial gainful activity" and last at least 12 months or be expected to result in death. "Substantial gainful activity" means work that earns over a certain dollar amount (currently $1,000.00 gross per month). Contact a Jenkintown cancer disease disability benefits attorney.

Cancer is a very disturbing diagnosis, but it does not necessarily mean you will qualify for Social Security benefits. On the other hand, certain cancers are taken very seriously and qualify for expedited consideration. Normally the process of applying and appealing for disability benefits takes many months.

The cancer must be inoperable, have metastasized or have recurred after treatment. Side effects from treatment may also show you cannot sustain employment. Documentation that can be verified is required. When applying, you will need the names and addresses of treating doctors, dates of treatment and hospitalizations. Our office can advise you of the likelihood of obtaining benefits in your case, and assist you in making the best and most complete application. There are multiple listings or categories under which your cancer may qualify you for benefits.


A form of cancer, leukemia causes the bone marrow to reduce malignant white blood cells which overwhelm the marrow and the blood stream. Acute leukemia is on a list of conditions calling for "compassionate allowance," warranting expedited processing. Many other advanced forms of cancer are also on the "compassionate allowance" list.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a disabling cancer, contact our law firm to discuss applying for disability benefits. Our lawyers are devoted entirely to serving the needs of clients seeking disability benefits. We are only paid if SSD or SSI benefits are awarded to our client.

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