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Being diagnosed with breast cancer is devastating news, but a diagnosis alone is not grounds for Social Security Disability. Many people survive cancer and lead long, fruitful lives. Some people continue working even while they are undergoing treatment. Every case is unique.

The legal team at Disability Benefits Law Center, P.C., helps clients pursue disability benefits for breast cancer and for the debilitating complications of fighting cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation sickness. We take cases in the Philadelphia Metro area and surrounding counties of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Philadelphia Attorneys For Cancer Disability Benefits

With early diagnosis and treatment, breast cancer has a favorable cure rate. For many people, it is the side effects of the medical treatment and not the illness that causes disability. The pain and side effects of radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgical removal of tumors may make it difficult or impossible to continue working.

Social Security Disability also allows for a closed period of disability. If you are in remission, you can collect retroactive benefits if you were forced to stop working for a period of 12 consecutive months or more.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the primary ways of qualifying for benefits under a breast cancer claim:

  • Compassionate allowance (terminal diagnosis) — Stage 4 cancer metastasized to other organs or Stage 3 tumors considered inoperable or unresectable
  • Listed criteria — Meeting one or more of the specific medical criteria under listing 13.10, such as involvement of certain lymph nodes
  • Medical-vocational — Side effects of treatment that impact functional capacity, such as fatigue, vomiting, skin lesions, memory loss, depression or post-surgical pain

One of the most common reasons cancer claims are denied is that the medical records do not reflect the person's symptoms. People are sometimes in denial about their illness and may tell their doctor that they are feeling "fine," "good" or "better," without mentioning that they were in bed for two days, napped daily due to fatigue or cannot stand up without feeling dizzy or nauseous. We urge our clients to be honest with their doctors about the true nature, frequency and severity of their symptoms, including things such as poor sleep, need for naps, nausea, vomiting, and malaise.

Breast Cancer Claims Under Social Security Disability

It is possible to get disability benefits for a treatable cancer or a cancer since in remission, but the claim is only as strong as the medical records. Whether you are considering a claim or already denied, our experience can help.

We explain to clients the most effective way to get their treatments and impairments properly documented by doctors. We also prepare clients to explain to a judge at a disability hearing how dealing with cancer prevents or prevented employment.

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