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Although the Social Security Administration officially recognizes numerous mental disorders in its disability listings, it can be very difficult to qualify for benefits based on mental impairments. Countless people who cannot hold a job because of significant emotional, psychological or cognitive problems are turned down.

The Disability Benefits Law Center, P.C., is here to help you. Whether you have the basis for a current claim or not, our experienced and compassionate legal team will give you the advice you need to qualify. We have helped clients win benefits for all types of mental impairment claims. We can review your initial application or represent you in appeals if your claim has been denied. We handle Social Security Disability ( SSD) and Supplemental Security Income ( SSI) cases throughout the Philadelphia Metro area and southeastern Pennsylvania, along with nearby areas in Central and South Jersey.

Mental Illness and Social Security Disability

Our accomplished lawyers have a high success rate with hard-to-prove claims for mental health conditions and mental impairments:

Why Was My Claim Denied?

Mental disorder claims are tricky for many reasons. The person may look outwardly healthy. The medical criteria are more subjective, and symptoms may wax and wane. People with mental illness commonly hurt their claims by stopping their medications, dropping out of counseling, or abusing drugs or alcohol.

Our role is to help clients accurately present their symptoms and limitations. Many claims are denied for lack of medical evidence. We encourage clients to continue treatment and be honest in treatment about how difficult it is for them to cope on a day-to-day basis. We spend a great deal of time preparing our clients for the ALJ disability hearing. Particularly in mental health cases, the most persuasive evidence of your symptoms and how they interfere with employment and everyday life may come from your own testimony before the judge.

We Welcome Mental Disorder Claims ♦ Free Consultation

At Disability Benefits Law Center, P.C., we encourage clients to contact us early in the process, even if you are still working. We will review your SSD or SSI application, at no cost or obligation, before you submit it. If your claim is denied, we will take your case as far as necessary to win benefits.

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