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On a bad day, you can't get out of bed, let alone go to work. The challenge is to convince the Social Security Administration that your disk injury is chronic and severe enough to qualify for disability benefits.

Back injuries are the largest categories of claims for Social Security Disability — and among the most frequently denied. At the Disability Benefits Law Center, P.C., we know how to document and present claims for herniated disk and related conditions. We have a high success rate on behalf of clients in the Philadelphia area and surrounding counties of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Pennsylvania Bulging Disc Disability Claims
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A herniated disk (or bulging or ruptured disk) is recognized by Social Security as a disabling condition. However, claimants must meet specific medical criteria. Our experienced attorneys are knowledgeable about listing 1.04 and what it takes to win benefits for a disk herniation:

  • A doctor's diagnosis, confirmed through MRI, CT scan, X-ray, etc.
  • Documented symptoms such as spinal pain, sciatic pain, numbness or tingling, weakness in the limbs, lost range of motion or diminished reflexes
  • Evidence of limitations and complications in day-to-day life, such as shooting pains, sleeplessness, difficulty walking, inability to bend over, or needing frequent naps

The vast majority of initial claims for back injury claims are denied. Your best chance of getting approved is at a disability hearing before an administrative law judge. This is where our legal team shines. We work with clients to help them document the disabling symptoms of this chronic impairment.

For example, many people with disk injuries also suffer from depression, but the medical records must reflect treatment with a therapist or psychiatrist if depression symptoms are to be given weight in the decision. Cases are also won or lost on the claimant's testimony; skeptical judges will look for any inconsistencies between the testimony, the application forms and the medical evidence. We prepare clients for the hearing by anticipating specific issues the judge or expert witnesses will raise.

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We understand how disabling and serious a herniated/ruptured disk can be, especially if you will need surgery at some point. We urge you to contact us before submitting a claim, or whenever you receive a denial decision.

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