Strokes And Social Security Disability | Philadelphia Lawyers

A stroke is terrifying and life-threatening. The side effects, such as paralysis or impaired speech, can be devastating. However, many people recover from strokes, either fully or enough to rejoin the workforce.

In other words, a stroke is not always a disabling event. To qualify for Social Security Disability, claimants must show evidence of severe impairment that will last for at least 12 months.

Philadelphia Attorneys: Filing SSD Claims After A Stroke

The Disability Benefits Law Center, P.C., has helped clients win benefits for stroke-related disability. We handle claims in the Philadelphia Metro area and surrounding areas of southeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey.

We can help you apply for benefits or fight a denied claim if you or your loved one suffered permanent or long-term damage from a stroke. We are familiar with the Social Security Administration's impairment listings and specific neurological and physiological effects associated with stroke, such as:

  • Aphasia — Problems with speaking, writing or understanding language
  • Ataxia — Impaired motor function, namely impairment of two extremities that interferes with ability to walk, balance or grasp objects
  • Hemiplegia — Total or partial paralysis of one side of the body
  • Vision loss — Blindness or significant loss of field of vision

Other common complications of stroke include cognitive deficits, memory problems, seizures, pneumonia, blood clots, bedsores and depression.

Our experienced lawyers work with clients to qualify for benefits under the medical listings or to demonstrate the cumulative impact on daily life and the inability to sustain employment. It is important to document the neurological damage and medical complications through diagnostic testing and physician notes, and to document all treatments, from physical therapy and speech-language pathology to psychological counseling.

We help our clients paint a full picture of their disability, including any factors such as age or limited education that would further hamper efforts to find a suitable job or maintain gainful employment after suffering a stroke.

SSDI Disability Attorneys With A Strong Track Record

As with all types of claims, the Social Security Administration makes it difficult for stroke victims to qualify for disability benefits. We have a high rate of success on behalf of clients, especially in disability hearings, and unlike many firms we help clients with the initial application.

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